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Are you ready for another romp with the Chicago StarsSIMPLY THE BEST, my newest novel, is now available in hardback, e-book, and audio.

Want to know more about SIMPLY THE BEST?

Take one hard-driving sports agent…
Throw in a failed chocolatier…
And her superstar football player brother…
Add a quirky pink and purple food truck.
Then, to really screw things up, mix in an unfortunate murder.

Although SIMPLY THE BEST has cameo appearances from characters in previous Chicago Stars books, I promise that this story stands on its own.

Brett Rivers is the hottest sports agent in the business—fast and furious, swift and deadly. Failure? Not an option. This is one serious guy.

Unfortunately, Rory Garrett is his exact opposite.  She has a big heart, an empty wallet, a passion for making exquisite chocolate, and a huge inferiority complex from living in the shadow of Brett’s most important client, her football legend brother. I hate to use the word failure about Rory, but let’s just say it’s going to get messy. Also funny, dangerous, and sexy, with some heartbreak thrown in.

I can’t wait to throw Rory and Brett right into your reading arms.

Read an excerpt here.

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