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Wynette, Texas, attracts its share of odd balls. A beautiful jet setter who’s down on her luck, a good ol’ boy golf pro, the headmistress of a British boarding school, and a wealthy Texas playboy. Life gets even more interesting when the aimless offspring of Hollywood royalty shows up and clashes with the town’s local hero, a man who’s too perfect for his own good. And what about the daughter of the President of the United States? Surely she knows better than to run off with a gunslinger on a motorcycle.

Fascinating couples with too much to lose and a town that believes in protecting its own…. Pull up a chair, grab yourself a Dr Pepper, but don’t get too comfortable because life in Wynette is going to get…very interesting.

Welcome to Wynette, Texas

Even though familiar friends may appear in more than one book in the Wynette, Texas Series, each one of my books stands alone. They can be read in any order. (Trust me on this!) See how my books relate to each other, check out the family tree.

Wynette, TX and Stand Alones Family Tree

Wynette, Texas Books

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